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Currently Viewing: Lindsey


 There’s no easy way to say this: Time has absolutely flown by. I sound like an old coot…”It feels like just yesterday…”, but seriously it does. We found out that Lindsey was pregnant on September 19th. There was a rule: Don’t tell any family members (pre-Facebook release) unless it’s in-person. Well, that didn’t apply to me since I was on the road. Daddy found out by phone, sad huh? I digress…it’s been a journey filled with first-time home purchases, remodeling, baby classes, doctors appointments, and an absurd amount of planning. Now, in less than 4 weeks, we will be parents, and there’s no more planning, just doing. Along the way, I have had to listen to SO MANY PEOPLE: “When are you taking photos?”, and “We want to see that bump!” I’m no maternity photographer, it’s not my day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull it off. In fact, I was slightly worried about being compared to other people’s work, Read More


We just recently wrapped up the majority of remodeling in our kitchen and bathrooms, trying to get all the ducks in a row before our newest family member arrives.  There isn’t much time left where we can enjoy being alone. To celebrate the wife’s birthday (early), we just took off for Laguna Beach and had a relaxing meal at one of our favorite spots. I tortured her into a belly shot up against the awesome cloud cover we’re having. Side note: don’t even get me started on the weather swings we’ve been having lately… We’re also getting ready to finally have a friends shower/house-warming party in a few weeks, so the final touches are coming along. We’re having the kitchen backsplash tile work done, going to do some planting in the backyard (what little backyard we have!), paint the bathrooms, swap out medicine cabinets/mirrors/light fixtures etc. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all this work. Sometimes I wonder how it’s Read More


Just unpacked my Strobist Dual Lumopro 160 kit yesterday and had some time to take it out for a test spin tonight. With a little bit of finessing, this kit will be able to achieve some amazing results. While racing against the changing light of a sunset, the manual flashes are a bit tricky as ISO’s change for background exposure, but I can’t even imaging how brilliant this setup will be for constant daylight settings. I’m very happy I went with this kit instead of just one Canon Speedlight 580 EX ii.