Yvette & Gil’s Wedding {Part One}
Westridge Club Ceremony – La Habra, CA


The Westridge Golf Club in La Habra was the perfect setting for Yvette and Gil’s elegant, classic July wedding. The luxuriant, green grounds provided a great backdrop to catch the fun-loving bridal party and our overjoyed couple.

We captured the intimate moments of Yvette preparing for the day with her mother. She accentuated her gorgeous dress with a simple, beaded headband that made the blonde bride look like a princess. We were also able to take some unique closeup shots of the rings, combining their sleek industrial chic with a spot of nature.

Yvette’s bridesmaids were a whimsical group, clad in rich, royal purple. These ladies were more than willing to pose for some cute, memorable shots, and their excitement really shines in our candid captures, too.

Yvette had both parents walk her down the aisle, and what a beautiful moment! You can tell how proud they are of their daughter on her special day, and her expression of joy is just priceless. Their friends are also so obviously welcoming of this blissful union. The ceremony culminates in a passionate kiss between our new husband and wife.

The fun doesn’t stop with the ceremony, of course. In part two, we’ll show you our portraits of Yvette and Gil juxtaposed against Westridge’s beautiful grounds. The wedding party hams it up for the camera, and their boisterous attitudes continue into the reception. The funky, modern venue for the party set the mood for the blissful first dance, the heartfelt toasts, the cutting of a towering lavender cake, and all-ages dancing. Stay tuned to see what we mean!

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