Timmons Wedding {Part One}
Wayfarers Chapel Wedding | Palos Verdes, CA


Today we bring you content from a beautiful local wedding at Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verde and the Double Tree Hotel San Pedro. Working with the Timmons was an absolute blast! They are both so thoughtful and compassionate people…it’s infectious! If you missed our last wedding, you can see it here Jalama Canon Ranch & Vineyard Wedding, Santa Barbara – Part One and here Jalama Canon Ranch & Vineyard Wedding, Santa Barbara – Part Two.

He was a bit anxious, but appeared calm and collected. She was stunning, ready to take his breath away. When they first saw each other, their eyes lit up…this was the moment they had been waiting for. We just let them be, enjoying one another’s company. If we hadn’t reminded them, they probably could have lived in that moment for a lifetime.

Part One of the Timmons Wedding Blog covers the prep at Double Tree Hotel in San Pedro and the ceremony at the Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verde. Don’t be surprised if you drool over some of the photographs, because her dress, hair, and makeup were gorgeous!

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