Herbel Wedding {Part Two}
Estate Wedding | Salem, OR


Thanks for coming back to see the juicy details that are: The Herbel Wedding Blog – Part Two! If you missed Part One of the Herbel Wedding and their gorgeous, private estate wedding in Salem, OR, you can see that by visiting the following link:  The Herbel Wedding Blog – Part One.

After all that hard work getting ready and getting married, they were definitely due for some time alone…of course followed by party time! We had a little more fun with the entire wedding party, since they didn’t get to see each other (without blindfolds on!) before the ceremony, we had to grab a few shots of them all together. I told you that was a cool first look huh?! I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but rather let you scroll down and find out for yourself.

We whisked Amanda & Zach out into a nearby field of blooming flowers and had our way with them…photographing them that is 😉 This time of day is so gorgeous for photographs, the natural night was just amazing, especially coupled with all the beauty from the natural environment around them. They were up for a little more fun with us, so we got out the big lights and did some fun but serious shots in the field too. I love these shots, because they look so bad-ass, but they’re just being goofy really. I was like “show me that sass! Pop that shoulder!” Hahaha!

Moving on to the reception, everything was just perfect…the flowers were beautiful, the speeches were genuine with a touch of hilarious, and the first dances stole your heart away. I don’t think there could have been a more perfect day in either of their lives! Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Herbel!