Stringfellow Wedding {Part Two}
Newland House Wedding | Huntington Beach, CA


 Welcome back to the second half of Becky & John’s Newland House, Huntington Beach Wedding. If you missed Part One of the Stringfellow Wedding blog, firstly shame on you, secondly simply click here to view in all its glory:  The Stringfellow Wedding Blog – Part One.

As if their detail shots and lovely candid getting ready and ceremony content didn’t showcase enough raw emotion and beauty, wait until you see what we have for you today! We’ve been just itching to share their clever and adorable wedding party portraits, their dramatic and sassy bride and groom portraits, and some first dance content that might just turn your heart into jello. They were afforded an amazing October night to celebrate  with all their friends and family; a night that will not be soon forgotten.

Before you read any further, make sure to get your box of tissues for those speech and first dance moments…oh and something to help sweep your jaw up off the floor for those bride and groom portraits, because the Stringfellows just simply rocked this one out! Thank you for being such great hosts to us, and even more so for being such great friends! We hope you enjoy these moments for the rest of your lives…

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