Stringfellow Wedding {Part One}
Newland House Wedding | Huntington Beach, CA


There was no other option; he could not live without her.

He took that leap, dropped a knee in the Gardens of Versailles, and forged their life-long path together. This love took him more than 5,000 miles, across oceans and continents, just to be with her. He knew the search was over, as no one else in this world made him feel like he did when he was with her.

That spark in her eye, the smile on her face, and the wholesome feeling she had every time he was near. He was her cup of tea…her English delight (with great teeth might I add ;). He came equipped with a whit to match his charm and good looks; she was sure to cave.

After Versailles, their fates were sealed and histories re-written.

It’s with great honor that I am given the opportunity to share the story of Becky & John through these images. Their Newland House, Huntington Beach wedding was spectacular in every way. The entire wedding party was so helpful, polite, and in only the best of spirits. Their awesome candor set the tone for this perfect day, and for this new chapter in Becky & John’s life. I only wish that they continue to be surrounded by such loving and thoughtful friends and family for their entire lives. Working for couples like Becky & John make me forget I’m even working, and they make what we do truly worth-while.

In this post, you will see content from the guys & girls prep at a private home & the Shorebreak Hotel, wedding party portraits, and the ceremony at Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church in Garden Grove. We will follow up with Part Two of the Stringfellow Wedding Blog soon…so make sure you click to “LIKE” our Facebook page at the bottom of the post & stay tuned and be notified when we post more images from their gorgeous wedding. You won’t want to miss the lovely first dance moments and some rock-star bride & groom portraits!


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