LA Bridal | Editorial Bridal Portraits – Marriott Hotel, Marina Del Rey


One of the best things about being a photographer is meeting all kinds of people everyplace we go. For instance, while at we were at a recent bridal show, we met the owners of L.A. Bridal magazine. The publication has a solid reputation in the industry as a leader for all things wedding related. The publishers loved our work so much they asked us if we would like to shoot an upcoming cover for them. We said we were happy to oblige since editorial photography and portraiture are both services we enjoy providing because each is so rewarding.

Needless to say, it is a wonderful feeling to see your work hanging above someone’s fireplace at their home, in the pages of their wedding book, or simply in a frame on a desk. It should be equally as rewarding to see our work on the cover of a magazine.

These photos you see here are from a photo shoot  we did on location at the Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel with permission from the event manager. We used the beautiful lobby, open common areas, long hallways, plush sofas,  and well-lit outdoor patio, along with the ground floor patio as backdrops. The highlight of this day was shooting atop of the venue’s rooftop wedding site where is a lovely balcony.

In many of the photos, the bride is wearing an orchid-colored gown that reflects the light perfectly, making her appear angelic in every shot we took.  She also posed for more pictures in a traditional white wedding gown, holding a beautiful bouquet, and showing off her engagement ring. To mix it up, we took some black and white shots of the bride looking quiet, content and of course, happy.

We are always thrilled to take photos of excited brides and we look forward to our shoot for the L.A. Bridal magazine cover in the upcoming months. It will be fun to share it here with our followers in addition to those new couples who are looking to capture their special moments on film.

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