Jennifer & Jason {Hitched}
Costa Mesa Country Club Wedding


The 2012 wedding season is now in full swing, and we are pleased to share our most recent wedding with you all. Stay tuned over the next three months as we will be blogging another seven weddings from San Diego, CA all the way up to Portland, OR, and we cannot wait to share with you!

Jennifer and Jason tied the knot at Costa Mesa Country Club in Costa Mesa, CA on 6/2/12. Our day with them began at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA to capture some of the preparation for their big day. At the venue there was a great, unused banquet room adjacent to their reception ballroom, so we decided to hijack it for our  dress on & bridal portraits. The room was great, and I love the photographs from there. It had windows from floor to ceiling, stretching the entire length of the room, and it gave us such a great, beautiful source of light to capture the moments.

After the ceremony, we had some time alone with the Bride & Groom to get some intimate portraits. We started them out on a walk down a path around the lake and turned it into a nice portrait session. The two of them are just such amazing people. They love life, and they love each other so much. It really shines in their photographs. Jason knows just how to make Jennifer laugh so hard, and her smile adds endless emotion to their images. After the session I was surprised to find out that she was still coveting her glass of champagne…I never even saw it the whole time because she was so tucked away in Jason’s arms…sneaky sneaky!

The party to follow was so much fun! They had Mother & Daughter/Son, simultaneous first dances, plus a surprise Father & Daughter first dance a little later. Jennifer and Jason also started a cigar smoking circle on the outside deck, and it got surprisingly rowdy. There are a few shots in there of it, especially a really cool one of the guys huddled around the lens. Much later in the night, as you will see, there was a full-blown brawl between brothers as they vied to walk away with the garter. It was honestly one of the craziest things I’d ever seen, and a battle that lasted something like 2-3 minutes!

Thanks again to Jennifer and Jason for having us along for their special day. We are truly grateful to know them, and wish these two newlyweds all the best in their marriage!