5 Tips for Making Eloping Extra Special

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When two people decide to forego having a formal wedding ceremony and elope, sometimes there’s a misconception that just because they are secretly getting married it’s less significant or that the occasion does not call for putting some extra special touches on the day. We totally disagree. As a matter fact, by making the decision to elope, that actually gives you the opportunity (and often times the money) to get extra creative in a myriad of ways.

So, if you and yours are planning to elope and you’d like a few tips on how to make it a day that you’ll both never forget, we have a few great ideas for you below:



Don’t limit the options to the courthouse. Although there are a lot of couples who get married at their local courthouse (and that’s totally fine), you don’t have to limit the possibilities to that one location. So long as you know someone who is able to legally marry you (such as a judge or ordained minister), you can get married at the park, in your pastor’s office or you can even make arrangements at your favorite restaurant or the location where you had your first date. More times than not, since it’s a small party, the owners will be more than happy to accommodate you. Many times for free.




Dress up. OK, but this we don’t mean that you have to go all out; especially if it’s not your style. But try and do more than just wearing some jeans and a T-shirt. Look at it this way: Since you won’t have your family around, you can be as radical as you want, without having to explain or defend yourself. In other words, have fun with it. There’s also always the option of finding your dress at SimplyBridal; with prices starting from under $100, there’s really no reason not to dress up.




Take a limo or town car. Again, being that you are saving so much money on wedding expenses, make the most of the entire day. Whether it’s a limo, a town car or even some kind of foreign luxury vehicle, rent one to take you to the elopement site and also to dinner or the hotel afterwards.




Hire a photographer (or cinmatographer). One of the biggest mistakes that elopers make is failing to commemorate the occasion with either a photographer or videographer. But trust us, there’s going to come a time when you’ll wish that you could look back on the day so make sure that you at least splurge to hire one or the other.




Make sure that your wedding night is absolutely fabulous. Whether you decide to take a honeymoon immediately or a few months after you elope, look for a five-star hotel where the two of you can spend your wedding night together. It may have been a private day, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an extra special one that should last as long as it possibly can, with class, well into the night.

Eloping is not a “less-than-wedding”. It’s simply another way of getting married so make it a time full of love, joy and doing all of the things that you want to make it a time that neither one of you will ever forget!