Tahoe Winter Vacation


Our family has started a little tradition of going to Tahoe during the Christmas/New Year’s season every few years or so. This was actually our second trip. We stayed at the same resort both times, just on the foothill of the slopes. Unfortunately, this time, Tahoe was not getting any snowfall, but there were still plenty of adventures to be had. We spend some time hiking off the trails at Emerald Bay, which has quite the steep, rugged terrain. I got some of the best shots of the trip over there, especially the ones of us while we’re hiking with the lake in the background and the band-photo-shoot type shots with the mountains in the background. Money!

There were the usual adventures, including casino gambling trips, family dinners at random spots along the main drag, and just hanging out around the rooms catching up on the latest news. A few new things we did this time were some late night, middle of the night actually, hikes where I had the chance to do some really fun long exposure night sky shots. Also, we had a nice dinner out at the Chart House for our last night in town. The location of the restaurant is quite stunning and really made for some awesome sunset views of the lake. A lot of the around-the-table shots are actually from while we were eating there.

Originally, we were supposed to be doing one or two snow themed engagement shoots, but plans changed prior to the trip. Good thing too, because those could have been some pretty disappointing situations, considering the weather they were having. The trip was a blast, and we look forward to doing it again…this time hopefully in the snow!

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