Adventures in the Desolate Desert


What path will you take?

It’s hard to imagine how life was before technology, especially for the young generations. Sometimes I wonder how the now pre-teens will see the world in a few decades. What will be lost? What will be retained? How will technology have enhanced, or possibly even hindered or complicated our lives?

I speak as a hypocrite, carrying around one of the most amazing small format DSLRs on the planet, when I say that I felt like I was on a foreign planet during this trip; I felt as if I were looking into a portal of the apocalyptic aftermath, a world after the fall of technology, a world devoid of all we currently accept and demand as standard, included, instantaneous, mine. Around every turn, down every road was another desolate view of human existence. How prosperous was the future when these developments were populated, and how did it make such a turn for the worse?

If anything I learned that the only constant in this world is change. Being a planning person, detail oriented, and organized, I realized that it can, and will, all change at some point…at any instant. I don’t, however, believe that we should all give up, and, in fact, I found that it shows just how complicated we humans really are. On one side of the coin our naivety keeps history repeating itself, keeps us from learning from our mistakes. On the other side, there is beauty in our resolve, in our spirit and cunning, keeping us forging ahead to survive, to reinvent, to prosper.

 What path will you take?

My eyes are open, and I am anxious to see what awaits me on the rest of this journey. I plan to harness all that comes with our gift, to try and keep balance between necessity and lust, between past and present, between amicable and insolent.

I’m sorry if I step on your toes, I intended only to stand on your shoulders. I am only human.