Tianna: Senior Portraits
Class of 2013


Sometimes unexpected clients are the ones that bring the most joy. We are so busy booking wedding clients that we forget to market to, or even think to look for Senior Portrait clients. Well, it’s nice to forget what you think you need to be doing for once, and instead just let things happen.

Tianna was an unexpected surprise: A senior who was disappointed with the traditional and boring studio head-shot approach that the school photographers provide – she came to us for something different, something exciting, something she would actually enjoy showing off to her friends & family.

It’s refreshing to do what we do, but within a different segment of clients. Our wedding clients become good friends, as we always strive to be their trusted advisers, guiding them through new territory while they open a new chapter in their lives. Well, it’s the same for everyone looking to have their photograph taken, and we can never forget that the reason we are different is because we will always look for the human connection above all else.

Thanks again Tianna & Marianne. We are so lucky to have such wonderful people like yourselves to work with!

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