Erazo Family Portraits
San Pedro, CA


I was contacted by this cute family a little while back because mom was in need of updating her family photos. She was seeking high-quality photography, a styled shoot, and print quality that would allow her to replace her wall prints with custom enlargements. She was also concerned with pricing, as many photographers she had contacted were willing to “shoot & burn”, and were charging session fees that were through the floor.

We discussed what custom photography costs, why it’s priced accordingly, the difference between different resolutions of digital files and what they will produce when printed, and many other topics regarding her session and what to expect when it comes to deliverables. I’m happy to say that by taking the right step to invest in custom photography, Bernice is now an extremely satisfied client who immediately posted the following comment on Facebook about her experience with us:

“[We] couldn’t be happier with Cameron Taylor’s work! He’s such a talented photographer and so nice to work with…..”

I think that speaks leaps and bounds for what we are trying to achieve: Elevating expectations for all people who share in our craft. Pricing ourselves accordingly so that our time and effort for every session, every experience, and producing every client deliverable is valued properly.

Everyone has a camera now, and most people have at least entry level DSLRs. But, style aside, not everyone has the lighting and technical knowledge, not to mention professional portrait lenses, to produce professional quality images. That being said, a photographer with proper knowledge and experience can use equipment that is less than ideal, yet still produce images that are compelling and emotional.

You don’t need the best optics on the market to produce a “good image”, but think of it this way: With poor eye-sight, how can your brain produce a quality image of the world around you? Lens quality does matter greatly in the product produced with any camera (along with many, many other factors), and professional lenses come at a huge premium…which is something that clients can take for granted, and photographers using kit lenses and entry level DSLRs overlook.

This topic could go on and on, especially when it comes to settings, post-processing, white balance, lighting….and on and on. My advice to anyone out there who is looking for quality work: Good photography is an investment, and you should invest an amount that you believe documenting your memories is worth. My advice to photographers who are just starting out: Educate yourself, plain and simple. The quality of your product is directly related to your ability to learn and grow, as both a business owner and an artist.