Emily Kilimnik
Musician Portraits | Long Beach, CA


I’ve been seeing more interest lately from musicians for on-site, custom head shot/portrait sessions. This session with Emily Kilimnik was no exception. In fact, this type of work fits my style. I mean that by the time when your desire to produce a type of work corresponds with what the client is seeking…and that to me is when you can produce some of your best work. I don’t mean that this is my best work (there is much more to learn on this journey of mine), I mean that during this entire shoot I felt comfortable, in control, and extremely confident that I was capturing what I had envisioned.

The day started off in some really cool alley ways just across the street from the Art Theatre of Long Beach. As much as I love how genuine and respectful most people are in the City of Long Beach, we had some pretty awkward, and quite frankly, rude encounters with locals passing through in their vehicles. It points back to the reality that some people are completely different when behind the wheel. So I digress…the textures and depth, along with spots of shade adjacent to direct sunlight make this spot awesome to shoot in.

We were supposed to wrap with about two hours to spare, allowing us to go shoot around some abandoned warehouses and tracks near the 405 & 710 freeways, but I lost track of time somehow. So instead we just headed to Downtown Long Beach and had a quick session under the Queensway Bridge. Working with what we had at the time, I was able to shoot into the sun, incorporating a perfectly-timed sun-flare peeking between the two spans of the bridge. Right when we wrapped, the sun’s angle rotated past the point of being seen between the spans, almost like it was meant just for us.

A big thanks to Emily for having such great style, and overall, just for being such a unique and lively person. Also big thanks to Emily’s stylist, Katrina Rallis, for keeping Emily’s wardrobe fresh and making sure she was looking her best!


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