Kelli Blocher | Trainer Gets Fit
Lifestyle Portraits – Shoreline Village, Long Beach


If you’re fit like Kelli than why not show off your buff body through a series of portraits like these?

A fitness professional by day, she embodies what many people aspire to look like and that’s fit as a fiddle.

Kelli decided she needed some updated head shots for her personal portfolio, as well as for her fitness business so we hit the picturesque Shoreline Village in Rainbow Harbor located in Downtown Long Beach.

As you can see from the variety of photos we took, whether she is sporting a pretty dress or her workout gear, she takes a great photo.

The surroundings also made it easy to photograph Kelli because there is always something happening at Shoreline Village including events, shopping, and in general, great people-watching. Choose from restaurants to dine like a pizza place, barbecue, Cajun or if you prefer upscale dining there is that too along with casual snacks like funnel cakes. Walk along the boardwalk once you’re done or visit Parkers’ Lighthouse for a day you will long remember.

We took photos of Kelli taking a casual stroll along the boardwalk, under the arches, gazing out at the harbor and Downtown Long Beach as well as just enjoying the unique scenery the location as to offer.

It was a fun shoot for not only Kelli who smiled a lot and was open to whatever suggestions we had, but for us too! Her photos are reflective of her fun, confident personality.

Plus, there’s nothing quite like being out in the fresh Southern California sea air on a warm summer day taking in all of the wonderful sights and sounds.