Bolsa Chica Reserve Maternity Session


 There’s no easy way to say this: Time has absolutely flown by.

I sound like an old coot…”It feels like just yesterday…”, but seriously it does. We found out that Lindsey was pregnant on September 19th. There was a rule: Don’t tell any family members (pre-Facebook release) unless it’s in-person. Well, that didn’t apply to me since I was on the road. Daddy found out by phone, sad huh? I digress…it’s been a journey filled with first-time home purchases, remodeling, baby classes, doctors appointments, and an absurd amount of planning. Now, in less than 4 weeks, we will be parents, and there’s no more planning, just doing.

Along the way, I have had to listen to SO MANY PEOPLE: “When are you taking photos?”, and “We want to see that bump!” I’m no maternity photographer, it’s not my day-to-day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pull it off. In fact, I was slightly worried about being compared to other people’s work, even though this was, in fact, a personal project for me. Not only has this past 7-8 months been an insane journey, the feverish development of our wedding business also shares that same time frame. If anyone would have asked me 9 months ago what I’d be doing right now, I would have told you we’d be shooting weddings, probably not that I’d be having a kid and doing a maternity session.

When you think about it, photographing a wedding is actually the act of wearing many different hats. One minute you’re an event photographer, the next you’re a family portrait photographer, then you’re a studio light still-life photographer, and another minute later you’re a landscape or architectural photographer.

Thankfully the wedding business is growing like we could have only imagined, and time passed has allowed for some serious personal and professional growth. Again, I feel like a lot of photographers I follow, or that follow me, are in the business of maternity, baby & child photography, and that I’m probably being sized up by going on this limb. Quite honestly, I feel like this work doesn’t need to be compared to anything, especially what’s considered typical maternity photography, because it can stand on its own as good photography. I will continue not to market myself as a maternity photographer outside of this blog post, however I believe that, should some expecting clients book me, I may just steal away a little business.

I hope you enjoy.

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