Interfaith Blessing of the Animals


Guilty as charged – I’m super slacking on blogging the recent photojournalism work with the Long Beach Post…but alas, it will make its way to the inter-webs.  So, this assignment was from weeks past, and honestly I was slightly perplexed when it came my way. Being a Long Beach local, I should know better, but I honestly had no idea that these types of events took place. That being said, I was taken back when I covered it, as the event was actually pretty cool!

The Interfaith Blessing was a time when humans took a back seat to their better-half, animal companions. One major highlight was the full-blown red-carpet jaunt down Granada Beach’s walkway, featuring llamas, ponies, cats, dogs, chickens, rats…you name it! The weather we were experiencing was stunning; gorgeous, wind-swept clouds made for one of the most dramatic sunsets we have seen all year.

Some of my recent work with Long Beach Post was sent to press, including the images for the article about Long Beach School Overcrowding. You can view my blog of the work by clicking the previous link. Also, some more recent work from a Habitat for Humanity home dedication should be coming online soon, and of course I’ll blog about in the near future!

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