Farm Lot 59
Long Beach Sustainability


There is nothing  better than enjoying fresh veggies and produce that come straight from the fields of a farm, right? If thought that wasn’t possible in Southern California, it is actually quite easy.

We recently went on a photo shoot to Farm Lot 59 also known as Farm Lot 59, a 1-acre bio-intensive mini farm located at 2714 California Ave., in Long Beach, where we captured these great shots.

Not your ordinary place to shop for produce, veggies and more,  Farm Lot 59 offers organic fruits, vegetables and flowers, and eggs and honey directly from the farm. They grow everything using organic and bio-dynamic principles, and focus on soil health to keep all of the plants and animals happy and healthy.

When you purchase directly from the farm you are also supporting Farm Lot 59’s  farming efforts and helping to create jobs. Everything sold at the location is organic, pesticide-free and considered “good for the body and soul.”

At Farm Lot 59 there is a direct connection between farmer and consumer. Local farming makes it possible to distribute fresh and pesticide-free produce to local consumers. The consumer who buys directly from the farm enjoys fresh, ethically and responsibly farmed products that are considered more nutritious because of their freshness. Consumers also share a sense of ownership in the farm that is growing their food. Consumers will have the opportunity to see where their food comes from and know exactly who grew it when the visit, too.

Farm Lot 59 also serves as an educational resource for the Long Beach community. Children, along with their parents and teachers with their students can may visit and learn about urban farming, and the earth’s ecosystems.

Additionally, a designated children’s garden is  being designed, where the plants will be identified with their nutritional information, and as well as their alternate uses. Children will be able to see chickens, explore the farming operations, and identify beneficial bugs and flowers.

We enjoyed the time spent at Farm Lot 59 and of course, snapping these colorful pictures of farmers in the field, chickens running around the roost, the lovely veggies and fruits on display, and the lush fields where all is grown with care.

If you want the freshest of the fresh, Farm Lot 59 is where you can find what you need, and then some.