State of the Union

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Business is good.

We’re approaching wedding season, less than two weeks away now until our first of the season. Things are happening quickly, but luckily we also adapt just as fast. Luke and I, being such good friends for so many years, can read each other’s minds.

Things like marketing, business systems, and just general planning for growth…we’re feeling the pains of having to implement these systems. This part isn’t my favorite, as it’s far from the creative side we mostly tap into, although I’m glad we have the sense to plan accordingly…I think this is very important. With all the positive things happening around us in life, this is just another reason to be thankful for every day when I wake up.

To celebrate booking a few more wedding clients, but also to pow-wow about strategies, we grabbed some lunch to talk over. Life is good…life is good.

Oh, the sun-burst shots are with the new Elinchrom Ranger/39″ Octobank system…stay tuned for images when we actually get to use this for clients.