Sol Rising
House of Blues Sunset


We were recently asked to cover a live show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA for a band called SolRising. Being mainly wedding photographers, I had a pretty good idea what this would entail. Shooting a wedding is exhausting…rewarding, but EXHAUSTING! One thing I like to keep in mind is that variety in angles, background, lighting etc truly make for a better album of images from any event. That being said, we weren’t happy with grabbing shots from a handful of angles, we pretty much got insane and shot from everywhere possible.

Let me say right now, I love this content! Was it more work that a wedding to get the content? In ways I would say yes. I think with the variety and number of locations you can shoot from at the House of Blues Hollywood, that the possibilities are great. It allowed us to explore and be more creative, to incorporate more of the surroundings into the photographs. The same can be said for weddings, or any other shoot for that matter, but I feel that we’re constantly trying to frame out distractions when it comes to portraits…while with work like this, everything around them adds to the frame. Since our creative sides were peaked with all the possibilities, we wore ourselves out by moving around so much!

We’re super busy with weddings since it’s Summer time in California, but it’s also nice to do something different every now and then…to refresh your creative side, and potentially learn a thing or two that carries over into your knowledge for shooting weddings. After all they’re both events, and when it comes to events, you’re hard pressed to ask for do-overs. One thing I must say about this specific kind of work is that prime lenses are almost a must. You don’t have to shoot completely wide open, but it can help you get those 1-2 stops wider so that you can increase shutter for motion and/or save a little noise on the ISO side. I know the Canon 5D Mkii is a remarkable camera when it comes to controlling noise at high ISO, but if you can help not going that high, why not right?
For those of you reading out there, if you’re in the industry and would like work done at one of your upcoming performances, please contact us! We love doing this kind of work, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how much it will actually cost 😉 Thanks for reading guys, and please feel free to leave a comment here, or go “like” our Facebook Page to see more future work!