5D’s First Sunset


Took the new 5D mk ii out for a spin the other day for a nice Signal Hill sunset. I didn’t want to wait until this coming weekend for our next portrait session and engagement session, so I went to the top of the hill. First I tried out the new 16-35 f/2.8L ii, then popped a few shots with the old trusty 70-200 f/2.8L IS ii to get some nice close ups. I’m so used to the extra reach I get with the 60D/70-200 combo pack, that I forget I must trade reach for a better sensor now. Either way, I was very impressed with the dramatic skylines when using the 16-35, it really accentuates what was already a beautiful sunset into something just a little better. And, of course, the 70-200 pulled out great close-up detail and color from those clouds. Of course any vignetting seen was manually added, not by product of the lenses 😉 Looking forward to this weekend and getting the new glass in front of a few human clients ha ha!

I’m a happy boy too, wedding season is really booking up quickly. In fact, this past weekend we just received good, unexpected news that our season will be starting next month, not in June as originally thought! Yay! At the current moment, our team has only the following slots left: March (1), April (2), May (2), July (1), September (1) & October (1). So if you count the early months, we’re just over half booked, but if you count June-October only, were about 3/4 booked!

A BIG thank you to all our clients! We look forward to every one of your special days!