Housewarming Party & Friends Shower


I thought it might never end. Every night I would make myself stay up working until I couldn’t take it anymore. Remodeling our house was definitely taking a big bite, but we’re troopers, and in no way was it more than we could chew. Back in November, literally the day after moving in, we started renovations. First was the flooring. We had all the existing laminate wood, ugly, peach colored tile, and linoleum removed to make way for a nice grey ceramic tile. We were thinking: Keep it simple, keep it uniform. While all this was going on, and for months to come, we completely countless mini-projects. This may be no news to one of you that already owns a home, but to others it may be. Simply the task of making a house a home, something you enjoy coming home to, is quite daunting.

Other smaller projects included: Backyard re-landscaping, door & hardware replacements, house-wide light fixture replacement, hanging garage storage solutions, epoxy painted garage floor, custom mantle fabrication and installation, fireplace restoration, replacing all bathroom lighting fixtures and hardware, replacing toilets, and so on. These small touches bring it all together, however the biggest and most challenging projects were also the most rewarding. The big projects, besides the previously mentioned flooring changes, were cabinet re-finishing (laundry, two baths and a GIANT kitchen), counter tops (two baths and the kitchen) + of course new sinks, appliances etc, repainting the bathrooms, and my favorite – the kitchen back splash! We did all of the cabinet re-finishing ourselves, which I’m super proud of. The entire job entailed…drum roll please…. 39 doors & 18 drawers! We removed every last one, sanded, stained, glazed, polyurethaned, and installed new hinges and hardware…on….every….last….one. I’m tired just talking about it again.

Getting back on track, we wanted to have a nice party to celebrate the new home & remodeling and our new addition to the family. What’s that mean? Party photographer time, duh! I went creeping around with the 24-105 f/4, trying to get some candid stuff outside before the sun went down. Then we just kept going, but using an on camera bounce flash with a lumopro 160, S.O.P. Every time I use those flash units it reminds me of how awesome they are. For $160 or so, and almost equivalent power as a 580 ex ii, you can’t go wrong. At least this way if you drop and break one you’re not taking out a second mortgage to replace your speedlight.

Thank you to those who came and joined in the celebrations. To those of you who were too lazy to click your mouse and RSVP on Facebook, especially considering how hard it is to do so…you know who you are and it’s not cool. I’ll save these rants for some other blog post…but you know it IS coming…people, I swear.

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