Bryce: Winter 2012
First Christmas


The second installment of project “Catch Up”: Bryce’s first Christmas. I promise the others to come in much quicker secession.

December was a very busy month for the Taylor family.  Bryce celebrated Christmas multiple times with different friends and family.  He was beyond overwhelmed by all of the new toys and gifts.  The wrapping paper and boxes proved to be equally if not more entertaining than the gifts!  He was army crawling all over the place by Christmas too!  Christmas day we were at home and had the grandparents over.  Bryce once again was totally exhausted unwrapping all of the exciting gifts he received from everyone, including Santa Claus!  After Christmas, we went up to Grandma’s cabin for the night.  Bryce enjoyed his first snow experience.  Unfortunately his snow suit arrived the day we left so his snow exposure was pretty limited.  We just had to layer him up and make do with what we had!

We had such a fun holiday season and Bryce loved all of the time we spent with close friends and family.

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