Three Months


Every morning I’m greeted with the biggest, heart-melting smile I’ve ever seen. Bryce shares the details and latest developments in world news, has a good, long stretch, and gives dad some slobbery kisses before our time is up. We’re not quite sure where he gets it from, but he is totally a morning person!

Waking Bryce up for his morning routine, that fresh change and a bottle before the long ride to day-care, has become one of dad’s favorite times of the day. The little guy is growing up so quickly now, almost every day it’s something new…a new noise, a new look, a new quirk. If you blink, you might miss something.

Daycare has been a blast for Bryce. We also enjoy being sick, so it’s working out just fine. In fact, the number of trips to the doctors needed has probably quadrupled in recent weeks. Such is life, as you other, more experienced parents out there laugh and say “I told you so”.

It was hard to understand what other parents meant when they spoke of their feelings, relationships, and experiences with their children. Many times I was told how I would feel, and it made sense when I thought about what they were telling me, but until I actually had those experiences, I didn’t completely understand what it all meant. I think those words are finally starting to make sense now, and I don’t mean that everyone’s experiences are identical, but rather that I am beginning to understand the enterprise that is parenthood.

My eyes are open, as I have said before, but this time, almost in a completely different way.

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