First Swim


The 4th installment of project “Catch Up”, Bryce’s first swimming lessons:

Bryce just finished his first ten week session of parent and child swimming lessons!  He took the classes through the Long Beach Parks and Recreation Department, which were held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Pool here in Long Beach.  Bryce loved the water from the very beginning, even though some days he found the mid-80 degree water to be a bit cold and jaw chattering.  He is now advanced in splashing and blowing bubbles. He is learning to sit on the edge of the pool until and adult instructs him that it is safe to get in the water.  He likes to be dunked under water and always looks so surprised when this happens!  Sometimes, he will even dunk his own face in the water!  We can’t wait for the next session to start in a few weeks. Our goal for the next session is to work on back floating and kicking.  Bryce is such a little fish!

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