First Food


You’ve got something…right there…no over a little…ya, right there on your cheek…okay, okay, got it!

Messy? That might be an understatement. Fun? Yes! The little tyke has been sitting up pretty well on his own lately, and the doctors said if that’s the case, he can go ahead and start eating solid foods. He’s been noshing down squash, avocado, bananas, and all other kinds of goodies lately.

At first, it was really funny because Bryce was looking at us with this hilarious face…like he was asking us what in the world we were trying to do to him. The spoon was a strange enemy, so he fought it sometimes, and other times tried to commandeer it and eat the whole thing! I think my favorites are from the very end…the final battle is over – we’re not sure who won the war – but it’s clear that there were casualties on both sides!! Haha!

We’re almost due for some six month photos, so I’m planning to do a photo/video fusion piece for that one, because I want to remember all these little sounds he makes all the time. That’s right, dad’s going to get out the shotgun mic, slider, and monopod and turn little Bryce into a cinema piece 😉 Wish me luck, because I have high ambitions for this one, but I have no idea if I’ll get the cooperation I’m looking for!

V-BLOG-SPLIT-5 copy.jpgBLOG-5250.jpgBLOG-5254.jpgV-BLOG-SPLIT-1 copy.jpgBLOG-5265.jpgBLOG-5276.jpgV-BLOG-SPLIT-3.jpgBLOG-5292.jpgBLOG-5308.jpgBLOG-5321.jpgV-BLOG-SPLIT-4 copy.jpgV-BLOG-SPLIT-2 copy.jpgBLOG-5331.jpgBLOG-5332.jpgBLOG-5355.jpgBLOG-5366.jpgBLOG-5367.jpgBLOG-5368.jpgV-BLOG-SPLIT-6 copy.jpg