First Disneyland Trip


When we were younger, we always looked at all the strollers that “overpopulated” our walking spaces and constantly nipped at our heels as we roamed aimlessly around Disneyland. Wow, how things change when you have a kid! Pure naivety, that’s exactly what I chalk my actions up to, from that what seems to me like an entire lifetime ago. I can honestly say that it was partially a pure lack of respect for parents on our part. While I believe we were hunted down and maliciously trampled by stampedes of baby carriages, most of the time we were simply guilty of being kids.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I respect parents because I know how difficult it is to be a parent in the world of today.

On another note, we as parents should think twice about some of the images we publish online. Sometimes it’s either too much, or it’s just not a quality photograph. Now I don’t mean to take a negative tone, but I think that because everyone readily has access to a photographic device, all of a sudden we’re desensitized to the fundamentals behind how and why photographs are beautiful in the first place: framing, composition, exposure, lighting techniques, posing….oh and yes, content. Why is content so low on the list? Simply because if you focus on all the skills before it, content is nearly irrelevant, and you will find yourself producing compelling images of something that you thought previously may have had zero photographic interest.

I don’t say this to discourage people from (as we say) popping off shots, growing, and improving…it’s quite the contrary. I say this because not every photo you take is worthy of putting online, and this is true with everyone…not just parents. Instead, cull the hell out of your images. Really sit down and critique your own work. Hold yourself accountable for producing compelling images by practicing the fundamentals of good photography. Think of it as more of a challenge than a critique 😉