Bryce: Fall 2012
6 Months


This post is the start of our look back on the little big man’s first year. We have been so lucky to have such a loving little man in our lives. There are about 4-5 more posts in the rest of the series, so make sure to check back to see more soon!

We had a very eventful Fall 2012 and celebrated Bryce’s first Halloween and Thanksgiving!  He celebrated his first Halloween with a fun party at daycare, a scary Skeleton costume, and helped hand out candy to the trick or treaters in our neighborhood.  We were even able to prop him up to a “sitting” position using pumpkins for some precious photographs of him in his costume!  By Thanksgiving, he had mastered sitting and hit a milestone that Mom and Dad really enjoyed. He learned to hold his own bottle!  I never realized how convenient it is when your baby learns to do this but it really was awesome.  We had a nice Thanksgiving at Grandma Gennan and Grandpa Miguel’s house.  The McCracken’s joined us as well!  Bryce LOVES all of the attention he gets from his Grandparents. He might be spoiled since he is the only grandchild, but he doesn’t mind one bit!

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