Let me start off by saying that we had such a blast capturing their special day! During the week before the wedding, the weather report was looking worse and worse. By the time Sunday came around, the forecast was for 80% chance of rain…eeek! Regardless of whatever came their way, Geoff & Beri’s wedding was awesome…no rain could slow them down.


Our family has started a little tradition of going to Tahoe during the Christmas/New Year’s season every few years or so. This was actually our second trip. We stayed at the same resort both times, just on the foothill of the slopes. Unfortunately, this time, Tahoe was not getting any snowfall, but there were still plenty of adventures to be had. We spend some time hiking off the trails at Emerald Bay, which has quite the steep, rugged terrain. I got some of the best shots of the trip over there, especially the ones of us while we’re hiking with the lake in the background and the band-photo-shoot type shots with the mountains in the background. Money! There were the usual adventures, including casino gambling trips, family dinners at random spots along the main drag, and just hanging out around the rooms catching up on the latest news. A few new things we did this time were some late night, middle of Read More


We just recently wrapped up the majority of remodeling in our kitchen and bathrooms, trying to get all the ducks in a row before our newest family member arrives.  There isn’t much time left where we can enjoy being alone. To celebrate the wife’s birthday (early), we just took off for Laguna Beach and had a relaxing meal at one of our favorite spots. I tortured her into a belly shot up against the awesome cloud cover we’re having. Side note: don’t even get me started on the weather swings we’ve been having lately… We’re also getting ready to finally have a friends shower/house-warming party in a few weeks, so the final touches are coming along. We’re having the kitchen backsplash tile work done, going to do some planting in the backyard (what little backyard we have!), paint the bathrooms, swap out medicine cabinets/mirrors/light fixtures etc. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all this work. Sometimes I wonder how it’s Read More

Behind the ScenesPersonal

Business is good. We’re approaching wedding season, less than two weeks away now until our first of the season. Things are happening quickly, but luckily we also adapt just as fast. Luke and I, being such good friends for so many years, can read each other’s minds. Things like marketing, business systems, and just general planning for growth…we’re feeling the pains of having to implement these systems. This part isn’t my favorite, as it’s far from the creative side we mostly tap into, although I’m glad we have the sense to plan accordingly…I think this is very important. With all the positive things happening around us in life, this is just another reason to be thankful for every day when I wake up. To celebrate booking a few more wedding clients, but also to pow-wow about strategies, we grabbed some lunch to talk over. Life is good…life is good. Oh, the sun-burst shots are with the new Elinchrom Ranger/39″ Octobank system…stay tuned Read More


These guys are outdoorsy people all the way… After talking to Courtney over the phone, and then meeting both Courtney and Mark in person, I knew hanging out in Laguna Beach for the day would be perfect. In fact, when I asked, she told me that they had never really spent time down in Laguna…double win! Personally, I’ve always loved spending time in the area. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often, so this was another great excuse to head down to the beach for some play time. The beach at the Montage Resort wasn’t too crowded, and luckily the little cove where I wanted to take them wasn’t even occupied at all…sweet! We were a little pressed for time, but regardless, I just had the two of them “hang out” so capture those little moments. Funny enough, as we were leaving our little spot, another photog rolled in with his overdressed couple (she was wearing LARGE heels, nearly falling down Read More


I’ve been seeing more interest lately from musicians for on-site, custom head shot/portrait sessions. This session with Emily Kilimnik was no exception. In fact, this type of work fits my style. I mean that by the time when your desire to produce a type of work corresponds with what the client is seeking…and that to me is when you can produce some of your best work. I don’t mean that this is my best work (there is much more to learn on this journey of mine), I mean that during this entire shoot I felt comfortable, in control, and extremely confident that I was capturing what I had envisioned. The day started off in some really cool alley ways just across the street from the Art Theatre of Long Beach. As much as I love how genuine and respectful most people are in the City of Long Beach, we had some pretty awkward, and quite frankly, rude encounters with locals Read More


Took the new 5D mk ii out for a spin the other day for a nice Signal Hill sunset. I didn’t want to wait until this coming weekend for our next portrait session and engagement session, so I went to the top of the hill. First I tried out the new 16-35 f/2.8L ii, then popped a few shots with the old trusty 70-200 f/2.8L IS ii to get some nice close ups. I’m so used to the extra reach I get with the 60D/70-200 combo pack, that I forget I must trade reach for a better sensor now. Either way, I was very impressed with the dramatic skylines when using the 16-35, it really accentuates what was already a beautiful sunset into something just a little better. And, of course, the 70-200 pulled out great close-up detail and color from those clouds. Of course any vignetting seen was manually added, not by product of the lenses 😉 Looking forward to Read More


I’ve lived in Long Beach for over four years now. This city is one of the most diverse places to live in California. After all my time here, I’m still discovering new places to visit, locations to photograph, and new nightlife spots. We also have an impressive selection of small business restaurants to choose from between Downtown, Belmont Shore, not to mention everything in-between. Thai Gourmet is a fantastic Thai restaurant on Second Street in Belmont Shore. The owner contacted me regarding food photography for his upcoming line of frozen food. The line will be starting in local Target and Whole Foods markets this Summer. The owner and I have a continuing working relationship, so there will be more to come, but for this time we were working to capturing the images for his first three dishes on the market. The images you see are limited because our goal was only to produce one final, re-touched image for each dish. Read More