Thanks for stopping by to check out the second half of Gina & Bobby’s Bella Gardens Estate Wedding. If you missed Part One of the Johnson Wedding blog, no worries, just click here to view in all its glory:  The Johnson Wedding Blog – Part One. Last time we showcased their lovely portraits, prep coverage, and ceremony…but we can’t wait until you see what we have in store today! The wedding party portraits are just classic! We tried out a few new fun ones, but these guys also busted out in a full, unique dance that made us laugh so hard we almost couldn’t shoot anymore. After they worked out all the wiggles, we settled into some gorgeous sunset Bride & Groom first dance time. Make sure you leave a comment below to tell the Bride & Groom just how much you love them 😉 Thanks again Bobby & Gina for everything. We hope  these memories make you smile until you’re old Read More


Gina & Bobby’s day was filled with friends, family, happiness & laughter. The event was very intimate and thoughtful with many of their closest friends staying on site over the wedding weekend. The property they chose (Bella Gardens Estate) was nice and private, tucked away, and had beautiful little portrait areas with plenty of depth and shade. The candor was light and the details were simple, yet elegant. We were lucky to start off this year’s wedding season joined with such a genuine and fun-filled wedding party. They even had a dance they made up, specifically for the bride and groom, and named after the bride and groom! You will have to stay tuned for Part Two of the Johnson Wedding Blog (coming soon). Thank you again to our bride & groom for being such gracious hosts! Our Part One of the Johnson wedding blog covers prep, groomsmen & bridesmaids formal portraits, and all the ceremony goodies. You’ll have to swing by Read More


When we were younger, we always looked at all the strollers that “overpopulated” our walking spaces and constantly nipped at our heels as we roamed aimlessly around Disneyland. Wow, how things change when you have a kid! Pure naivety, that’s exactly what I chalk my actions up to, from that what seems to me like an entire lifetime ago. I can honestly say that it was partially a pure lack of respect for parents on our part. While I believe we were hunted down and maliciously trampled by stampedes of baby carriages, most of the time we were simply guilty of being kids. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I respect parents because I know how difficult it is to be a parent in the world of today. On another note, we as parents should think twice about some of the images we publish online. Sometimes it’s either too much, or it’s just not a quality photograph. Read More


Chi & Rich have such great style. As soon as we spoke about shooting their engagement session we were excited – Vintage L.A., how can you go wrong. Instantly we were thinking magazine/fashion work…unique little locations tucked away in the city + fun, dramatic posing…LOVE! I think it went just as planned, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. To start off the shoot, we worked around 3rd & Broadway and incorporated architectural elements into almost every shot. We carried this same change over to the Central Library for more content, lots of lines, and nice interest and depth to the shots. After the change, we headed toward Grand Park to grab some more intimate, personal, and candid moments…a nice change from the fashion type shots. Leave it to us to find a field in the middle of downtown L.A…I mean seriously, we always find them wherever we go! Once we see one we already know we have to stop and Read More


When we first spoke with Yvette & Gil, they mentioned their plans to have a completely one-of-a-kind engagement session. Quite frankly we had never even seen it being done anywhere, and we’re thankful to have such creative couples with great ideas! We’ve seen holi powder used in marathons and other random events before, and of course in Indian holidays, but never before for engagement sessions. We had the opportunity to get some more typical “before” shots…before they blasted each other with color. But our favorites are the in-between candids & real reactions right after they landed a giant fist-full of powder. Those gasping expressions and uncontrollable laughter are quite spectacular moments! It’s nice to be back into engagement season! Late fall and winter are typically slow for weddings (obviously), but it provides some well deserved down time to relax, re-coop, and enhance offerings for the coming wedding season. We just re-launched the website last month after a complete overhaul to Read More


It’s been about a year since our last session with the Cook Family – Corona Del Mar | Family Portraits. Their boys are growing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up! Jacob will be five this year, and Andrew’s already turning two this month! I absolutely love the shots of the two of them hugging each other. Thankfully we had a nice fall, overcast morning without rain so give us nice, soft, and even lighting. Enjoy the photos & if you’d like to book a session with us, just send us a note via the contact form here on the website.


Faded Paper Figures was a “stumble-upon” for me when I opened iTunes, years and years ago, and was flipping through page after page of “For You Beta” (I believe that was what Apple called it). It was a service that suggested music you should buy based on your current purchases in the iTunes store. Frustrated with the lack of promise for a new album from The Postal Service, and a suggestion from owning said artist’s one and only album, I pounced on Faded Paper Figures debut disc titled Dynamo. I couldn’t put the disc down, it was so highly addictive! I began feverishly searching for upcoming shows, researching the band’s hometown, etc. in an effort to see them live; no dice. It wasn’t actually until the release of their second album, titled New Medium, that I decided to reach out to them and ask ahead of time what tour plans they had for the Los Angeles area. I don’t know if anyone Read More


We endured the cold, cold (California cold) November morning to bring you some lovely images from the last few weeks of Shalimar’s pregnancy with baby Aneira. Today is actually baby Aneira’s birthday, and I thought it fitting to give her a nice warm welcome into the world. Happy birthday baby Aneira! Shalimar was radiating with the maternal glow, and we had a gorgeous morning in Belmont Shores, so our shoot was destined for success. November also affords a lot of flexibility with the fact that not too many people inhabit the beach at the wee hours of the morning…we’re such wimps out here when it comes to weather anyway! Honestly though, it was in the high 40s I believe…which IS pretty darn cold for the Southern California coastline. I absolutely love their content, and she just looks like such a happy mom…it all makes me smile! I am so excited for the two of them to have a brand-new baby girl and to be Read More