Thai Gourmet
Commercial Food Photography | Long Beach, CA


I’ve lived in Long Beach for over four years now. This city is one of the most diverse places to live in California. After all my time here, I’m still discovering new places to visit, locations to photograph, and new nightlife spots. We also have an impressive selection of small business restaurants to choose from between Downtown, Belmont Shore, not to mention everything in-between.

Thai Gourmet is a fantastic Thai restaurant on Second Street in Belmont Shore. The owner contacted me regarding food photography for his upcoming line of frozen food. The line will be starting in local Target and Whole Foods markets this Summer. The owner and I have a continuing working relationship, so there will be more to come, but for this time we were working to capturing the images for his first three dishes on the market.

The images you see are limited because our goal was only to produce one final, re-touched image for each dish. However, I have added a few behind-the-scenes images to show our working space and set-up for perspective. Since the resulting images from food photography are typically tight shots with lots of macro detail, it’s nice to pull back and see what’s really going into getting the shot.

Enjoy the images, but even more important, enjoy Thai Gourmet. If you live in the area and haven’t yet visited, take the time to have a meal at Thai Gourmet. Their food is delicious and traditional, and their service is something you can’t get from the corporate, robot restaurants. Keep it local and keep it delicious!

For other local restaurant owners who are looking for food photography services, please Contact Me Here.