Faded Paper Figures
@ Bootleg Bar


Faded Paper Figures was a “stumble-upon” for me when I opened iTunes, years and years ago, and was flipping through page after page of “For You Beta” (I believe that was what Apple called it). It was a service that suggested music you should buy based on your current purchases in the iTunes store. Frustrated with the lack of promise for a new album from The Postal Service, and a suggestion from owning said artist’s one and only album, I pounced on Faded Paper Figures debut disc titled Dynamo.

I couldn’t put the disc down, it was so highly addictive! I began feverishly searching for upcoming shows, researching the band’s hometown, etc. in an effort to see them live; no dice. It wasn’t actually until the release of their second album, titled New Medium, that I decided to reach out to them and ask ahead of time what tour plans they had for the Los Angeles area.

I don’t know if anyone has ever emailed a band before, but I have, and they never respond. Maybe it’s the air of supremacy, or the indubitable fact that we are peons and can never compare to their level of musical greatness, but they never respond. Herein lies another amazing trait of the members of Faded Paper Figures, they responded!

Not only have I seen them live every time they’ve played in the Los Angeles area since then, but I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know John and Kael on multiple occasions. They’re great people, and and even more wonderful musicians. If you have the time tonight, they’re playing a free show at The Satellite in Siverlake. You should stop in and say hello…hope to see you there!