Courtney & Mark
Laguna Beach Engagement


These guys are outdoorsy people all the way… After talking to Courtney over the phone, and then meeting both Courtney and Mark in person, I knew hanging out in Laguna Beach for the day would be perfect. In fact, when I asked, she told me that they had never really spent time down in Laguna…double win! Personally, I’ve always loved spending time in the area. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen too often, so this was another great excuse to head down to the beach for some play time.

The beach at the Montage Resort wasn’t too crowded, and luckily the little cove where I wanted to take them wasn’t even occupied at all…sweet! We were a little pressed for time, but regardless, I just had the two of them “hang out” so capture those little moments. Funny enough, as we were leaving our little spot, another photog rolled in with his overdressed couple (she was wearing LARGE heels, nearly falling down on the wet, slippery rocks!!) and started with some seriously awkward looking posing. Ok, I’m not hating, everyone has their style, I just thought it was ironic, considering the great candid moments I had just captured with Courtney and Mark. Again…just preference and style. Ok, back on track…

So we wrapped at the Montage Resort Beach, and quickly headed to the Top of the World. The skies tricked us, as most of the day we had some great potential for a beautiful sunset, but by the time it came around, we had a large cloud covering. It’s ok…improvise…these times are great for catching blown-out, back-lit portraits with creamy, even lighting. Also, those dark, brooding skies make for great dramatic clouds with just a little exposure and contrast adjustments, YAY!