Liem & Leila | Cal State Long Beach Engagement
Japanese Gardens, Pyramid, & Beach-side Sunset


Thanks to Liem & Leila we can bring you this gorgeous set of images from their Cal State Long Beach Engagement Session at the Japanese Gardens, the Pyramid, & then a lovely beach-side sunset finish. Being teachers, these two wanted to shoot on campus & have the surroundings lend themselves perfectly to the lives they’ve built together. We think the results speak for themselves.

The Japanese Gardens are so picturesque. With all the little micro-areas, great foreground elements, and fun reflections & bridges, you just can’t go wrong. And check out those rock star poses with the pyramid backdrop – we absolutely couldn’t resist putting them up there and letting them have fun! Surprisingly enough, there were plenty of great areas all around campus – fun little hallways, classrooms, & fountains – we just had an absolute blast with Liem & Leila! Thank you so much for being part of our family of great couples & wonderful people. We just cannot wait to celebrate more with you this July!

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Uri & Thania | Downtown Los Angeles Engagement
4th Street Bridge, Art Murals, & Grand Park


Back in their old stomping grounds, Uri & Thania feel right at home in Downtown Los Angeles. From the towers of the 4th Steet Bridge, to the street art murals, to the fountains of Grand Park, we jumped around the city & captured those all those little, real moments with Uri & Thania. We quizzed them during and after the shoot about old times, fun dates, & cute memories they have from their courtship days – I think I might have seen Thania blush a little…

These two are adorable together, and our day with them was filled with excitement – from dodging cars on bridges, to scouring for open parking lots, all the way to getting soaked by giant water fountains. Thank you Uri & Thania for being such wonderful people – we enjoyed every moment working with you two. Join us in reliving their joyous & fleeting moments through these images as we lead up to their wedding day this May.

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Theodorson Wedding {Part Three}
Sol Restaurant Celebration, Newport Beach CA


Welcome back to the third post from Scott & Sandy’s Wedding – their day two reception & celebration at the swanky Sol in Newport Beach, CA. The newly-wed couple arrived in style on a boat in Newport Harbor. As they circled the restaurant, they were greeted by an ecstatic group of guests from the patio area. We made sure to grab shots from both the shore and a smaller boat on the water following them along.

Every minute of the day was filled with love, fancy footwork, & some darn tasty tacos! Sol was a great venue, with plenty of windows for natural light, along with a great view of the harbor. The open kitchen wafted of delicious eats, the bar flowed freely a delectable margarita, and the mood was pure elation. There are some weddings and couples where we’d love to just do it all over again – well this extravaganza fits the bill! Thank you Scott & Sandy for your friendship, we truly loved being a part of this very special & unique celebration!

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Theodorson Wedding {Part Two}
Newport Hyatt Regency Ceremony & Reception


Welcome back to the second post from Scott & Sandy’s heartfelt Hyatt Regency Newport Beach wedding. This post brings with it lots of goodies from their touching ceremony & unique, fun reception. We absolutely love the candid, emotional moments from the ceremony – there were so many times it was hard to hold back while watching tears welling in someone’s eyes.

Speeches were straight from the heart – this melting evening brought everyone together and made the world right. In fact, it was complete with a guitar & vocal solo…as if it just couldn’t get any better. Seeing the look in Scott’s mothers’ eyes as she soaked up every last minute, every last word – it was all so superb.

We almost forgot, it does get even better: Scott & Sandy make their grand exit surrounded by loved ones & in a tunnel of sparklers. What a perfect end to a perfect day. Well, get some sleep, because we have still another day’s worth of images to bring you from their second day celebration! Stay tuned for some boat rides, margaritas, and fancy footwork from Sol in Newport Beach!

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Theodorson Wedding {Part One}
Newport Hyatt Regency Wedding Prep & Portraits


We’re so honored and fortunate to work with people like Scott & Sandy. Coming as referrals from one of our all-time favorite couples, every moment with them has been wonderful & refreshing.  Their wedding spanned two days and entailed boat rides, Guinness, chilies, countless inside jokes, and many, many happy moments.

Scott loves bringing people together. It’s no secret, he will gladly offer up that information. But when you’re good at a something specific, it’s difficult when you’re in need of that same thing. You know that no one can help better than yourself. Scott knew what he was up against, but he also knew what he wanted – so he dug deep, turned up the charm, and prepared for the long game. Sandy was his, she just didn’t know it yet.

I think we’re all convinced that pub trivia and the strategic need for Sandy’s music & Korean wealth of knowledge was all a clever ruse. Adding her skills to the team wasn’t about winning a contest, it was simply an opportunity to spend time together. Week after week, their flirting & banter was solidifying the base for what would become a wonderful life together.

There is so much beautiful imagery that we decided to split this blog into three parts. For the first day, Scott & Sandy invited their friends & loved ones to celebrate the occasion at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach. This post covers the details, prep, candids, and bride & groom portraits for your viewing pleasure. As usual, make sure to stay tuned for more content – coming soon!

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Nordbak Elopement {Part Two}
Editorial Style Bride & Groom Portraits


And we’re back – with more breathtaking content from Jenny & Kris’ Long Beach elopement. Today we’re sharing their stunning bride & groom portraits from within the Temple Lofts building in Downtown Long Beach, & from the Queen Mary, overlooking the Downtown Long Beach skyline.

Thanks to Jenny & Kris for letting us shine at exactly what we love most about weddings – those drop dead gorgeous Bride & Groom portraits!

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Nordbak Elopement {Part One}
George Deukmejian Courthouse – Long Beach, CA


With all the hustle bustle of planning and executing weddings, it can get quite overwhelming, quite quickly. I commend Kris & Jenny for their tenacity and drive to take the road less traveled. Elopements can be upsetting to family & friends who feel left out – but after all, a marriage ceremony is the commencement and forging of a new family, and a new path forward.

However, Kris and Jenny did not overlook the importance of their photography. They wanted a unique celebration, but also the ability to walk away with gorgeous, timeless images that tell the story of their love. We couldn’t be happier working for couples like themselves that value their photography so highly.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the new George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, Kris & Jenny’s ceremony was simple, sweet, & thoughtful. Their Grandmothers were ecstatic, the weather was tempered, and the scotch was flowing. Be sure to stick around for their second blog, complete with formal portraits in the Temple Lofts, and overlooking Downtown Long Beach’s night skyline – spectacular content.

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Zimmerman Wedding {Part Two}
Private Estate Ceremony & Reception


With all those portraits, candids, & fun detail shots, we wanted to give them their own blog post to really shine. What we have for you now is their stunning ceremony and the transformation of the entire property into a version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The evening was complete with a live ballet performance, genuine & lovely speeches, live flautists, and a dance floor full of life!

The entire property lent itself entirely to all parts of the day, morphing from a ceremony site to a theatrically lit dance floor & dining area. After seeing those amazing dusk bride & groom photographs, you will understand just how perfect this evening was. The weather was mild, the mood was tender, and the cause for celebration was in the air.

Please join us in wishing our captivating couple only the best in their future life together. We can’t convey the importance of working for such bona fide couples – thank you Nicole & Neill for being such great people!

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